Condos for rent in Uptown Dallas

Renting a condo in Uptown is hands down the best solution if you’re tired of apartment living, but you’re not yet ready to buy. You still get a management office that takes care of all your day-to-day maintenance issues, often with added concierge service and security, but you also get a little more peace and quiet. Condo buildings are constructed at a much better grade than regular mid-rise apartments, often with concrete instead of wood-framing, so any noise from your neighbors or the street is dramatically reduced. This also helps to keep your energy bills low. Then, you have to consider the residents. Most condo buildings have a moratorium on renting that requires less than 42% of the units in the building to be rented at any one time (this is so the building is eligible for FHA mortgages). This means that over half the residents at any condo building in Uptown Dallas are owners, and they care about the place. They take pride in its appearance, and they respect their neighbors. Sound good? Great! Browse through a few examples of condos we currently have for rent in Uptown, then give our office a call at (214) 754 4730 when you’re ready to go look. Or if you just fancy a chat.

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