State Thomas Area Guide

Ah, State Thomas. The jewel in the crown of Uptown Dallas. Often mistakenly referred to as Saint Thomas by out-of-towners (it’s OK, we forgive you), it is in our opinion the best of everything that Uptown has to offer. It’s refined, genteel, tree-lined, quiet yet lively, and still just a few blocks from McKinney Ave where all the action happens. Hall and Routh provide easy access to US-75 and also the Tollway in case “the man” forces you to commute, but it still feels self contained and somewhat disconnected from the city – in a good way. Griggs Park offers ample space for walking the dog, or during the summer a plethora of Kickball leagues that seem to thrive in Dallas. There are two grocery stores within walking distance, and some of the best watering holes in town.

Anglophile? Of course you are. Check out the Londoner, which even has its sausages custom made by Rudolph’s Butchers (a Dallas establishment since 1891).
Sports fan? Yep. Try the Nodding Donkey. A faux down-at-heal West Texas sports bar which serves drinks in mason jars, and has some of the best queso in town.

If you need more advice on places to hang out, just call one of our agents at (214) 754 7040 and they’ll happily tell you. But enough of that, we’re here to talk about housing! Here’s the bad news. State Thomas is not cheap. It’s a nationally registered historic district so there are no high-rises here, just a lot of beautiful custom townhomes, most over 2000 square feet. Rental prices start at around $2000 per month and up, and although there are a few smaller condos in the $150K range, most homes start at around $400K and up.

There are a 4 apartment buildings in the area however, so if you’re looking for something more affordable, click here to search them, or just call our office at (214) 754 4730 and we’ll tell you where the best deals are!

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