Uptown Dallas condos for sale

Condos and Uptown Dallas go together like peas and carrots. They offer you an easy, hassle-free lifestyle with access to incredible amenities, 24-hour security, and all the convenience of living in an apartment without the worry of throwing thousands of dollars of month away on rent. Dallas currently has one of the strongest real estate markets in the country, yet it is still affordable. In fact, it’s actually CHEAPER to buy a home in Uptown Dallas than it is to rent one. Crazy, right?

Your average one bedroom apartment in the area goes for about $1300 per month. For $1300 a month with today’s interest rates (depending on HOA fees) you could easily purchase a $250,000 property. In uptown, that will get you a nice 2 bedroom condo. When that sinks in, take a look through some examples below, or call our office at (214) 754 4730 and let’s talk about making you a homeowner.


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